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Transform Your Bathroom into a Sanctuary

Transform Your Bathroom into a Sanctuary

Need a little serenity now? You don’t have to visit a spa to unwind—you can easily get your Zen on in the comfort of your own bathroom. Here’s how to set the tone, so you’ll always have the perfect space for relaxing.

Eliminate clutter. Clutter induces stress—and that’s the last thing you want more of when you’re intent on chilling out. Take inventory of everything in your bathroom and toss old makeup, hair care products, and the like. Donate all those unopened samples you’ve been saving to a local shelter. Then use baskets and shelves to make sure everything that’s left has a place.Install a dimmer switch. A warm glow is the perfect accompaniment for soaking in the tub. And all you need to do to go from bright to soft light is replace your standard switch with a dimmer switch. If you have LEDs instead of incandescent bulbs, make sure the dimmer you choose is compatible with the types of LEDs you have (check the dimmer box). Also make sure you turn the electricity to your light switch off at the breaker before you begin removing the switch. (If electrical projects aren’t your thing, contact a local electrician to install the dimmer for you.)

Add a calming scent. Lighting a soy-based lavender- or jasmine-scented candle can help soothe your stress. Or try a reed diffuser that uses natural ingredients.

Treat your feet. Has your bathmat seen better days? If it feels like you’re stepping directly on the floor, consider swapping it for something that’s plush and cushiony.

Upgrade your showerhead. Nothing says “spa” like a rainfall showerhead, with its oversize design that provides full coverage. (You’ll also find rainfall styles available with a handheld massager, for relaxing tired muscles.)

Invest in a bathtub caddy. A bathtub caddy rests across the edges of your tub, providing a surface where you can easily access your book and cup of tea. No matter what your bathroom décor, there’s a caddy to suit your style, in materials from metal and bamboo to reclaimed wood.

Bring the outdoors in. Add a bit of nature’s tranquility with a plant or two. The bathroom is the ideal spot for those that like high humidity and low light, such as bamboo, spider plants, snake plants and Boston ferns.

Alt Text Cut the clutter

Alt Text Calm your senses
Let it rain Let it rain
Store your stuff Store your stuff
Channel Mother Nature Channel Mother Nature

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